Command Center Reveal

#CommandCenter is officially complete and it looks amazing! It has all the style and functionality you would want in an office and laundry room, working in perfect harmony within one space.


The laundry portion of the room offers order and organization while maintaining a very clean look. 


The cabinets are equipped with pull out shelving for easy access to all necessities.

A free standing table and stools are perfect for an art project or folding laundry.

Adding a corner desk creates a ton of surface space without sacrificing much square footage of the room. 

Those countertops really make the room special. They are salvaged pine from a 130-year old home, repeatedly stained and lacquered. This finishing process reinforces the quality and durability without detracting from the rich, organic look.

Click here to see the before photos from #CommandCenter, and how our plans became reality!