Meet Helen!

Helen is our new Project Manager and we are so excited to welcome her to the E&B team. She's organized, efficient and extremely funny- she fits in perfectly! We did a little Q&A so you can get to know Helen a little better. 

Q. What will you be doing as Project Manager for Ember & Brune?

A. Hopefully relieving some stress from Brandie and Carrie. I will primarily be coordinating job site activities like requesting bids, processing permits, scheduling, providing project updates and answering client's questions.


Q. Who is your favorite architect?

A. I’ve been thinking hard about this one. I don’t really have a favorite. I guess Sir Christopher Wren but that is only because I was raised in England until the age of 15, my “favorites” always seem to be UK based. He did have a great influence on the re-build of London in the late 1600’s due to the London fire which destroyed ¾ of the city. His most famous structure was St. Paul’s Cathedral in London which is magnificent.


Q. What do you do for fun?

A. I am a huge scrapbooker, I love to create Shutterfly books. This allows me to remember everything.

I love to travel and read or watch anything related to travel. I will go anywhere, anytime. I also like to plan trips for other people. I get just as much enjoyment investigating places to stay and things to do for friends and family as I do when I am planning for myself. I mostly help out when people are looking at going to Great Britain.

I am murder mystery fan, especially UK based i.e. Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, etc. I love to sit and either read or watch a good mystery.

Another passion is afternoon tea 😊