Ember & Brune offers a la carte design services to match your needs and the complexity of your project.

Conceptual Design

It all starts with an idea! Listen and create. Three dimensional images help communicate custom details accurately. Using 3-D software Ember & Brune will design a space that helps you visualize your dreams come true.

Architectural Drawings

After an idea is formed a plan is forged. Ember & Brune designers will collaborate with architects to ensure precision and detailed architectural plans. All floor plans, mechanical plans, and elevations are delivered for your use.

Bid Procurement

We know the best craftsmen in the business. We will arrange for a fair and reliable quotation of your project. We will handle all negotiations for your approval.

Material Selections

Whether you are looking for a room refresh or selecting an entire ensemble of products for your kitchen or bathroom, Ember & Brune can help you navigate all the products on the market. Not only do we know what looks good, we are well educated on the durability, warranty and longevity of your options.

Coordinate Product Purchasing & Delivery

Square footage, linear footage, per piece. Do not underestimate the intricacy of purchasing materials for a large-scale project. There are a lot of moving parts to a custom interior. We can deliver it to you; from cabinets and tile all the way to hardware and grout.

Project Management

Ember & Brune offers project management services to ensure your design is built to spec, smoothly and on-time. We will be in attendance for all site visits, measurements and inspections and communicate all findings with progress updates.

Interior Design Services

Ember & Brune provides consultations for paint color palettes, furniture space planning, and accessory placement. Our finishing touches allow for a polished high-end look.

Custom Window Treatments

We coordinate design and installation of custom window treatments from luxurious silks to casual woven blinds.