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Meet the Ember & Brune Team

Hello! We are Ember & Brune, a Design-Build firm. We take the time to understand your lifestyle, daily routines and family’s needs before putting our own spin on the design. We go beyond design, managing your project from start to finish. As your sole contact for architectural drawings, coordinating construction with our approved contractors, furnishing the finished space and everything in between, you’ll look to us every step of the way. It’s a streamlined process that eliminates communication issues and emphasizes a cohesive team all working for you!

Our studio space located in Downtown Glen Ellyn.

Brandie Mccoy

Founder & interior Designer

Brandie formed Ember & Brune to create her own set of rules in the design-build industry. Heavily influenced by nature, as well as architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright, Brandie’s style of design honors the classic combo of form and function. Through her past experience as lead designer for high-end custom home builders, Brandie cultivates an easy rapport with clients, organized management style and uncanny ability to design a space that caters to each individual client. These qualities shine through on each and every E&B project. Brandie continues to find inspiration while traveling with her family- they are on a quest to see more of our country’s national parks.

Jessica Haning

Interior Designer & Project Manager

Jessica received her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Illinois State University. While in school, she discovered her passion of using design to positively impact others. She believes that beautiful and thoughtfully designed spaces can elevate our happiness and improve our overall quality of life. Traveling plays an important role in her life, and she finds significant value in experiencing other perspectives from different parts of the world. Amplified by the people and cultures she has encountered while traveling, her empathetic nature has motivated her to consider how design can directly affect the wellbeing of those who function in the space. Whether it is work related or not, you will find Jessica is passionate about life and her positive attitude is infectious.

From concept to completion, we've got you covered.

With happy clients throughout Chicago and the suburbs, we’d love you to be one of them. Give our interior designers a call today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards creating a home to reflect the people who live there!