Meet #BrickandGable

#BrickandGable is a beautiful bungalow built in the 1920’s. What it needs is a kitchen for the 2020’s! This isn’t solely a kitchen remodel, we are also consolidating the staircase to the attic and basement into one, opening up more space for the kitchen and a mudroom. Add in a bit more space reconfiguration and a bathroom remodel, and #BrickandGable is a full first floor remodel!

image1 (1).jpg

Here are our plans for the kitchen. It’s going to be so open, bright and spacious! We can’t wait to show you some of the materials chosen, a mix of modern and historically balanced with pops of pattern.

Untitled 2.jpg

Untitled 4.jpg

Untitled 3.jpg

Don’t miss a moment of this remodel, use the hashtag #BrickandGable to follow along with the progress!