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#EastBranch Reveal Part II

I really left you on hold with this one! As everyone knows it’s been a hectic year (understatement), but I will make you wait no longer. Here is Part II of our #EastBranch Reveal.


After we wrapped up the second floor of this beautiful 2 story colonial, the clients informed us they were ready to tackle the ground floor. This included a kitchen, dining room, living room, family room, and powder room. The kitchen was tiny! So of course we had to address that.


We moved the dining wall and the walls creating an awkward hallway outside the kitchen to make more room for their dream kitchen.


This is a historical home that has seen two additions in its lifetime. This presented it’s own set of obstacles. The larger kitchen though…. Worth. It.



The open hutch gives each room more light while making the rooms feel more spacious and less broken up. The new window above the range allows the homeowner a view to the backyard and a ledge for herbs or flowers.


Can we just agree more people need to paint their ceilings blue?


The powder room got an upgrade as well. The countertop edge detail was something I had seen on a cafe table in NYC. I had been dying to find an application for this element for months. It fits perfect on this console.

The entrance from the garage now has functionality and purpose. The left side of the cabinets double as coat, shoe, bag and whatever else you need to shed at the door storage.


The right side opens up to a small serving area. Across from this lives a seating area perfect for a workspace, cup of coffee escape, really the uses are endless.


This leads us into the family room, where… let me tell you, we found a much better spot for the TV.








Wait for it…..


This was an engineering feat that the E&B team will not soon forget. I’m sure our carpenter and electrician won’t let us either, ha!!! It is always tough when you are trying something new and complicated, but as usual, results were worth it!

Last, but not least, the living room. This was a simple update. The fireplace had great bones, just needed a little love.


With a few small changes, lighting and fresh paint, this room looks brand new!



From top to bottom, we adore this project and we hope you did too!