Five Favorites

From the latest trends to timeless pieces that never go out of style, we are constantly scouting out products and inspiration for our clients. But at the end of the day, we have our own personal favorites we come home to. We created ‘Five Favorites’ as fun way to share a little of our individual style from time to time. First up, Brandie! Coming at us with her take on fall.

Five Favorites .jpg

I’m not big on pumpkin spice (I know, something is wrong with me), but I do love fall! Here are 5 of my favorite home items to pull out as the weather cools off and the leaves start to change: (Clockwise from left) TEXTURED PILLOWS. In the summer, the thought of a cable knit sweater anywhere near me, including on a pillow makes me itch. So I pull them out in the fall and keep them around all winter long. Sweater weather = textured pillows in my opinion. NEUTRAL TABLESCAPES. I take out the blues and greens of summer and add in some browns, greys and ivory. Who am I to compete with the colorful leaves on the trees?! I keep it neutral. HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS. I am not one to decorate for every holiday, but my family loves Halloween and we love adding some spooky decor to the house. We lean more ‘Hollywood Tower of Terror’ style than ‘pumpkin patch’. A few years ago my husband made this print to replace our usual artwork over the fireplace. We pop it in the frame every October! COZY THROWS. Not only are they convenient to have at arm’s length, they look great! This throw adds texture to my leather daybed and is oh-so-cozy.

FALL SCENTED CANDLES. I found this one recently at a vintage market in Dundee. It has the most wonderful fall scent!