#ForestEstate Reveal Part I

We had the privilege of transforming this client’s first floor over a year ago… and now I get to share the results with you. I am so excited to share every amazing detail of this project as it is definitely one of my faves!

Can we start with the layout? We did a major overhaul to the way this home flowed and improved use of every space for this family. Here is a simplified before and after floor plan:

Many changes were made, including opening the back of the house up completely. These rooms are no longer defined by walls, but focal points, furnishings and other design elements. Let’s get into the details of each room!

I love this kitchen.

We moved the door to the laundry room, re-routing the traffic pattern and allowing space for an island. Larger windows were installed to bring in more natural light and widen views of their scenic backyard. This family enjoyed a Scandinavian aesthetic of simply utility as well as the warm touches of a vintage inspired home. An AGA range brought old-world charm to the cooking area, with juxtaposition of the clean modern plaster hood.

A clear finish was applied to the walnut island so the grain matched veneer could be an organic focal point. We repeated the walnut finish on a textural/ architectural panel on top of the open shelving creating balance between Earth tones and crisp white throughout. Seating around two sides of the island allows this family to gather in conversation during meal prep, with room to invite friends and neighbors to enjoy in this inviting space with them.

I think you can appreciate the new kitchen so much more after seeing the before pictures.

Above you will see a glimpse of the dining room before we worked our magic. We opened up both entrances, connecting this room to the rest of the home with more ease. We went bold with our design choices here. Clay colored paint and an oversized custom painting define this room from all others. This client trusted us with all aspects of this remodel, including window treatments and furniture. You can see below how all the elements from kitchen to dining tie together, while still remaining two very unique spaces.

I think we will save the other rooms for another time. This was a lot of eye candy for one blog post! Part II of the reveal coming soon.