Beam Me Up, Scotty

We are talking support beams, actually! Whether they were structural and load-bearing or simply an eyesore, we’ve had to get creative with a few projects where beams just didn’t want to leave the party. Case 1 – #SmithBarrow


It was really important to the homeowners that the kitchen/living room area have an open layout with a very clean look. However, with the large open floor plan it is impossible to not have a load-bearing beam. We found that we could create structural support by building a coffered ceiling. Not only did it solve the problem, but it added so much character and dimension, we now can’t picture the room without it! Case 2 – #GreekIsland


The post and beam stuck out like a sore thumb in this kitchen. Removing them was going to be very costly, so we decided instead to incorporate them into the design. We used the crown molding detail, particularly where the beam meets the hood, to create a seamless look. Those elements are still present, but now hidden in plain sight.


Case 3 – #TrestleWilliams


The actual inspiration for the name of #TrestleWilliams, these beams luckily required a more straightforward solution. They really just made the space look smaller than it was. With further investigation they were non-bearing and we were able to remove them, making the whole room feel more spacious.